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XD Design

Boxy Sling - XD Design

Boxy Sling - XD Design

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Boxy Sling

The Boxy Sling is a versatile cross body bag, designed to carry everyday essentials. The pack can be worn around the neck, over the shoulder or around the waist. It has enough capacity to hold a cellphone, wallet or purse, passport, notebook and various other small items. The hidden rear pocket is perfect for discreetly storing cash, cards or other valuable items. The Boxy Sling has a unique hidden water bottle pocket that can stay tucked away when not in use. Made from R-pet fabric with the AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric is guaranteed. 27% recycled content.

SKU    :    P705.951
Width    :    7.50 cm
Length    :    16.00 cm
Depth    :    21.00 cm
Main material    :    Recycled polyethylene terephthalate
Packaging    :    Polybag and individual box

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